About Socialize Me

Providing marketing services for over twelve years to clients in a wide variety of industries.

Our story

Twelve years is certainly not a lot of time in some industries, but it is quite considerable when one considers just how far online marketing has come and the influx of inexperienced marketers who claim to be “gurus” in all-things internet.

Socialize Me started out as a web design company, offering only one service line (Web Design with Search Engine Optimization), but eventually the service listing grew as clients asked us to do more. We are incredibly passionate about this field; our clients (no matter the size!); and constantly building knowledge on current and future best practices for internet marketing services.

We’ve always gone by what we call the “Richard Branson” philosophy: anything is possible, so long as we set our minds to it. When a client has a need, we find a way. Some fun side projects we have recently completed for clients include ballistic testing of a new armor additive, jewelry photography, and attending a conference in Las Vegas! If we can help your business do business… we will do it.

Our Fearless Leader

Andrij Harasewych (Andrew, for short) is someone who doesn’t play games when it comes to marketing.

Andrij Harasewych Owner

A single line describing my core beliefs, or something of that nature.

A man of many hats, Andrew has immersed himself in business and strategic marketing, social media, SEO and web design – and with this combination of skills he is extremely effective in achieving marketing goals for the businesses and individuals that come to him for help.

An advocate of Google+ and realizing the immense benefits of Google’s Search Plus Your World for businesses and individuals, Andrew has grown a personal following of over 300,000 on Google+, featured himself the Google+ SUL (Suggested User List) for his high quality of content and consistent engagement.

Chances are you’ll find him in the Social Media Strategy community, but throughout the day Andrew will frequent many social networks, forums and communities – as any marketer worth your time understands that a marketer’s education never ends – we must continue improving ourselves, our skills, and building relationships in our industry.

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