Keys to Community Management

Good community managers don’t just “hang out on Facebook” all day.

Depending on the industry or market they are in – throughout the day they may be engaging and educating the audience, driving online and offline sales, retaining old customers, and overall, growing your brand.

Andrew HarasewychKeys to Community Management

Community Management Sins

Some days, trying to manage a community just feels like herding cats.

Do you really need a community of your own? It’s hard work – and here are the various ways you can fail.

Andrew HarasewychCommunity Management Sins

Marketing Strategy

Introduction to Marketing Warfare and Marketing Warfare Strategies

If the key to succeeding in business were to focus on products closest to those the customers want, the market leader would be the one that performs the best market research and testing. There must be more than that to success, right?

Andrew HarasewychMarketing Strategy

Google+ Communities

Communities are easily one of the best features of Google+.

We get great satisfaction from browsing and interacting in our own communities daily. We learn, we are inspired, we are entertained, and we build relationships with people that really matter, and are really engaged in what we have to say.

Andrew HarasewychGoogle+ Communities