Logo Redesign


Golden Lion Jewelry


Since 1984, Golden Lion Jewelry has been providing handcrafted gold and silver jewelry to people across the world. Their brand and their product offering has grown since they made their first pendant as a favor to a pastor and close friend. The previous logo, though it stood for a long time, and was quite beloved by the owners of the business and many of their customers, needed a bit of updating with the times.


In the redesign, we wanted to capitalize on the brand that they have already built by focusing on the Lion’s head. The diamond in the previous logo seemed a bit unnecessary, as their main offering is jewelry, rather than diamonds or gemstones (Though a few pieces do feature stones) – it was a bit too specific, and didn’t describe the business well as it is. Remember that business logos do not always have to portray what a company actually creates. McDonald’s doesn’t have hamburgers in their logo, Nike doesn’t have a shoe in their logo, and Apple …well, it’s not a computer in their logo, it’s an Apple!

The name Golden Lion Jewelry itself is based on the owner’s own wedding vows. Gary SoHayda described his wife Lorraine as “Golden” as she brightened his life, shining a light on his life even in the darkest times. Lorraine described him as a lion, with his strong heart and courage during those same times. A perfect match for each other – they now have a logo to match the brand they have built too.

By focusing on the lion’s head, we can simplify, while still capitalizing on brand recognition. It’s now cleaner, scalable (vectors are vital!), and bolder. In addition to an updated golden hue – a complimentary blue was chosen, which mimics the design of the Ukrainian flag, Ukrainian jewelry being one of their largest customer bases.

Andrew HarasewychLogo Redesign