Print Design – Flyer




Here at Socialize Me – we love ourselves some OddCake fun. Originally a party-planning crew – they have evolved into a close-knit group of DJs, musicians, and event planners that don’t just over-deliver… they create an experience people talk about for years to come. We’ve done a lot of work with OddCake over the years – and this time – they needed a quick and easy flyer to broadcast one of their new events.


Sourcing local artwork from an influential Philadelphia artist of the location where the event was taking place allowed OddCake to reach out to a whole new audience. With one of the highest attendances of any of their events, we are very happy with the way this turned out. Not only did we deliver the flyer, but we surprised OddCake by sending them an entire branding and visual identity package for the event, including profile photos, cover images, banner ads and more.

Andrew HarasewychPrint Design – Flyer